Chief Stew Admin Essentials 


This course has been designed for those Stews who're confident in Service and Housekeeping, and would like to step up to Chief Stew, Head of Housekeeping, Head of Service or Interior Manager level.

The course aims to provide you with skillset required of a true professional Chief Stew, to become a natural management professional so you can focus on worrying about the welfare of your Guests and Crew, all whilst studying at your own pace, in your own time.

We'll teach you the things you may not necessarily have come across prior to stepping up. Here's a sneak peak of what our course provides...

“Gemma and I have written this course together and we’re so proud of the content we’ve created. It’s all the information we wish we’d have had access to not just at the beginning of our journeys as Chief Stewardesses, but also the knowledge we could have accessed regularly throughout our careers”
Amy, Founder Salacia Yachting


- How to create, edit and formulate excel spreadsheets (for inventories, orders, crew leave planning, budgeting)
- Constructing emails, dealing with suppliers and obtaining and negotiating quotations
- How to conduct interviews, read CVs and present them to Management, Owner and Captain


- Pre Season set up and Post Season shut down
- Provisioning secrets
- Writing worklists (including access to the Master Worklist I used throughout my career, covering everything from Shipyard to Guest Ops. You'll never overlook anything with this masterlist!)


- Motivating your Crew
- Creating effective training plans
- Gaining the respect and trust of your team

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