Never forget your industry experience and the skills you are learning are transferrable. Your career in Yachting might not last forever (it’s up to you), but your skills will.

“An internship is a direct way of providing practical experience to beginners in an occupation or profession, and can essentially be described as on-the-job training.”

At SALACIA we know how important it is to anchor your onboard experience by exploring your real world potential

That is why we are working closely many land based organisations to provide bespoke internships to Yacht Crew. Fancy 2 weeks shadowing a top Interior Designer at her Studio? Perhaps you’d like to help a London based Events Management company create unforgettable experiences for their clients?

There are many different types of internships, but they all allow at least a short amount of time working at a company, where you can learn the ropes and see how things work from a first-hand perspective. 

Launching November 2021!