What is it all about ?

The S A L A C I A mentorship programme is, in fact, the brainchild of Salacia students. We listened to direct feedback of the crew we worked with and realised they need support and time from those who have trodden the same path. 

Our 1 month mentorship programme is completely free. It is for Yacht Crew and run by Yacht Crew.
This is not about your mentor giving the only answer or simply sharing with you the blueprint to success. This is about allowing you to develop your own path, define your priorities and  realise your goals.

Why have a Mentor?

Your career in Yachting (and beyond) is a unique one. Don’t let anyone tell you other wise. With hard work, dedication, a genuine passion for what you do and respect towards yourself and others, you really can carve out your own career. We all need support and a little bit of honest feedback. 

Our Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds; have different experience and varied skillsets.  They all however, have 2 things in common: Integrity and Professionalism. Our mentors are not the industry professionals who have the biggest social media following. Our mentors are people who have reached the top of their career through quiet hard work, solid repuation and strong references and now want to give back to those climbing the ladder behind them.

“If you cannot see where you’re going, ask someone who has been there before”

As a participant in the programme, you will be paired with a mentor who is a highly experienced crew member, with relevant and recent knowledge within your pocket of the yachting industry. They will guide you through our carefully designed three-part mentorship journey.

Our Mentors are all current crew actively working in the industry on vessels between 65m - 140m+. We have Pursers, Chief Stews, Interior Managers, Head Housekeepers and Heads of Service. We have no doubt you’ll find your fit amongst them. Please download our mentorship guide here.

Meet the team here:


Over the course of 3 months and with the support of your mentor and the established SALACIA mentorship process, you will be equipped with tools, skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve the change you wish to see, to implement the learning and reach your goals, whether they’re within the Yachting industry or beyond!

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” — John Crosby

To register your interest, please email us here.

Please download our mentorship guide here.